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Demo Reel

Quote from Stab Mag “Mr Rick Rifici is one of surfing’s cinematographic greats. Living between Bali and Western Australia, Rick’s work shines most when he’s shooting with the RED Epic from the water. Featured here are quick flashes of Steph Gilmore, Jay Davies, Kolohe Andino, Dane Reynolds but the real star in this edit is the Indian Ocean, where Rick does his best work.” –



Rick Rifici has recieved a nomination in the 3RD AACTA (The Australian Oscars) AWARD FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for the Feature Film “DRIFT” .


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Drift Trailer

Starring Sam Worthington (Avatar), Xavier Samuel (Twighlight) and Myles Pollard (Wolverine). Directed By Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott. Produced By Tim Duffy, Michelle Bennett and Myles Pollard. Water Director Of Photography Rick Rifici. Continue Reading →


Snow White & the Huntsman

Rick’s Custom Made RED EPIC Water Housing was used on this Hollywood Blockbuster Feature Film.



Adore is a Hollywood Feature Film based on a short story by UK author Dorris Lessing and Directed by Anne Fontain, Adore – Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Penn follows two life-long friends who fall in love with each other’s sons, played by Aussies Xavier Samuel (from The Twilight Saga) and James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom).  Rick was the Water Director of Photography shooting on his RED EPIC and Custom Water Housings.





“Drift” Starring Sam Worthington is set in 1972 and tells the story of the Kelly brothers as they start a new life in a remote Australian coastal town where they come up against suspicious locals, killer waves and ruthless bikers as they struggle to kick-start a new business based on surfing, their greatest passion. Rick was D.O.P of the 2nd Unit and D.O.P of the Water Unit shooting on the latest high speed Red Epic M cameras with custom built water housings.


Dear Suburbia

Rick was Water D.O.P for Kai Neville’s latest Award Winning  Surf Movie of 2012 Dear Suburbia Featuring the world’s Best Surfers. Dear Suburbia and Rick also won Best Cinematography in the London Film Festival 2012.


Bending Colours

Bending Colours pairs Jordy Smith with friend and filmmaker Kai Neville, in a new project that provides a candid look into the South African surfer’s life. Rick travelled with Jordy to Reunion Island, Bali , and South Africa as D.O.P Land and Water.


Red Bull Special Editions

A RED BULL Commercial shot on the RED EPIC  inside a Custom Made Water Housing with a 20 meter video Tap that allowed Producers and Directors to watch from Dry Land. The RED EPIC 5k Footage was also converted into 3D for a 3D Version of the commercial.


Nike Commercial

Kolohe Adino Push Head Boardshorts Commercial shot on the RED EPIC in the Mentawai Islands Sumatra for Nike International.


Summer Solstice

Taj Burrow captured at home in W.A by Rick Rifici on his latest High Speed Digital Camera the RED EPIC at 300 frames per Second from the Water.

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Day Dreaming

Ry Craike captured at home over Summer by Rick Rifici on his latest High Speed Camera the RED EPIC from the water at 300 frames per second.

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Red One High Speed Reel

A selection of high speed shots from the “Red Bull Minor Threat Documentary”  filmed in the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra. Shot on a RED ONE Camera by Rick and compiled by Kai Neville Studios.


Such is Life

Documentary on the life of A.F.L star Ben Cousins viewed on Channel Seven and DVD.

Rick  captured Ben the athlete Surfing and shot interviews for this high profile documentary.


Rusty Summer Collection

Rusty 2011 Summer Season fashion shoot.  These productions are developed to help portray the look and feel of the Brands seasonal fashion and marketing directions to both the client and the consumer throughout web page content, in store loops etc.


Lockie Leonard

Lockie Leonard an Award Winning International TV drama series where Rick worked as the Director of Water Photography.  Super 16mm captured all the productions water and surfing scenes.


INXS – Don’t Change

This latest film clip from INXS is a ballad version of their classic “Dont Change”.  Rick shot all the Super 16mm surfing footage from the water for the clip of professional surfers Australian Ry Craike and Hawaiian Ian Walsh.


Super 16mm High Speed Reel

Highlights of various Super 16mm high speed footage compiled from past shoots . All footage was shot on the Photo Sonics High Speed and Bolex film Cameras. The Frame rates vary from 64 frames per second to 150 frames per second.


Northern Tides

The RED BULL 10 day Northern Tides Project was timed to coincide with 10.8 meter spring tides rushing thru the Northern Territories world famous Horizontal Water Falls.   Continue Reading →


AFL Grand Final 3D

A historical moment in T.V. the First AFL Grand Final match was broadcasted in 3D for the 7 Network.

Rick joined the team and operated a side by side 3D Rig for the live 3D broadcast.


Scratching the Surface

Scratching The Surface – the Julian Wilson Profile Movie.

Super 16mm Film camera was used to shoot from the water for the Mentawaii’s section by Rick.

Scratching the Surface was Nominated for Best Cinematography and Movie of the Year at the 2010 Surfer Poll Awards.


Theres No I in Go Ry

There’s No I in Go Ry was Produced and Directed by Rick Rifici . Rick followed Ry Craike one if the Worlds best free surfers from Quiksilver across the Planet Capturing some of the best surfing ever shot on Super 16mm Film.  The movie was nominated for 3 prestigious Surfer Poll Awards in the USA prior to it’s official World Wide release.


Tai Fu

Starring Ross-Clarke Jones and Tom Carroll chasing Typhoon swells to Japan this RED BULL documentary was produced for International T.V. Rick was Directory of Photography shooting on Sony HDWF900 CineAlter Cam and Super 16mm film.


Storm Surfers & Storm Surfers 3D

Starring Ross-Clarke Jones and Tom Carroll.  From the success of the Award winning Storm Surfers on the Discovery Channel now comes Storm Surfers in 3D . Rick was the Director of Water Photography on Storm Surfers the original series and will now be Director of Water Photography and Stereography for Storm Surfers 3D currently being shot. Storm Surfers 3D is a series of four 1 hour documentaries filmed in Hawaii and Australia showcasing on a 3D International Television network.  A 1 hour 3D Storm Surfers feature film for the Big Screen will also be produced.


Cable Beach

Cable Beach Resort Television Commercial Shoot -North Western Australia’s world famous destination and resort.  Rick was the Director of Photography and captured images on Super 16mm Film.



Rick has worked as Director of Photography for the popular Australian Hairdressing Empire Maurice Meade throughout the past 10 years.

The Maurice Meade productions has taken Rick to Bali, Indonesia and the East Coast of Australia directing T.V commercials and brand associated productions.



Dane Reynolds First Chapter

Rick travelled the globe with Professional Quiksilver team rider Dane Reynolds travelling through Europe, Portugal, Morocco, Hawaii , California , Fiji and Australia in a Cinematographer role for the Award Winning Surfer Poll Movie of the Year – First Chapter.


Fair Bits

The historical Chopper Angles of Taj’s favourite local break Supers… featured as the final segment of the Taj Burrow profile surf movie Fair Bits.  Rick also shot the wave pool segment in Malaysia where Taj and Joel Parkinson were the first surfers to use a Jet ski to tow into the man made waves.  Fair Bits was nominated in the Surfer Poll Awards for Best Cinematography and Movie of the year.


Red Bull Dirt Pipe in 3D

A 120-meter half pipe with  over 4 meter walls  carved out of Australian dirt created some of the biggest jumps and wall-rides ever ridden in BMX. Continue Reading →