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Rick Rifici

Director of Photography

Perth, Western Australia

Award-winning Australian Director of Photography with over 30 years experience in the film and television industry.

Rick’s world-class and unique work spans the globe reflecting his love for motion pictures and his passion as an avid waterman, finding the beauty that hides below.

Facing Monsters

Surfing Image

Facing Monsters is a feature documentary that is both unflinchingly raw and astoundingly beautiful. Captured by an intimate crew, it tells a unique story that resonates with the universal human experience of overcoming the monsters we face.

Since its release in 2022, this feature documentary has garnered critical acclaim, appealing to a broad audience. It has gained international recognition as an incomparable representation of surfing, showcasing surfer Kerby Brown and his brother Cortney as they take on some of the world's most dangerous waves. The film's cinematography by Rick on land and in water, leaves viewers breathless and captivated, regardless of their relationship to the ocean.

“Facing Monsters captures something that evades pretty much every other representation of surfing - the actual feeling of being in the water, in those moments when your surfing transcends everything else you’ll ever feel.” Nick Carroll, Surf Writer


Facing Monsters Feature Trailer

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Global clients include Netflix, Disney+, Television Networks 7, 9,10, The ABC, The Discovery Channel, FOX Sports, ESPN, Quiksilver International, Nike International and Red Bull International.