RICK RIFICI is a World  renowned Award winning Cinematographer with over 28 years Industry experience . Rick is a A.C.S member and was nominated in the 3rd AACTA Awards for Best Cinematography in the Feature Film “DRIFT” . Rick freelances as a Director of Photography, Cinematographer and 3D Stereographer within the Feature Film, Television and Commercial Worlds whilst specialising in the Surfing and Extreme Sports Industries.

Ricks work extends from live Broadcasts, Studio, Commercials, Documentaries, Sports and Extreme Sports Productions. Some examples of his global cliental include ESPN, Television Networks 7, 9 ,10 , The ABC, The Discovery Channel, FOX Sports, Quiksilver International, Nike International and Red Bull International.

Rick bases himself between the West Coast of Australia and Bali, Indonesia. His extensive operating background and equipment inventory ranges from High Speed Photo Sonics Super 16mm Cameras with custom built water housings, SONY HD Broadcast Cameras, PANASONIC Broadcast Cameras and The latest EPIC RED Camera that can shoot 300 frames per second at a super high resolution.The RED EPIC also has 3 custom built water housing  including one model with a video tap for a Directors live preveiwing while shooting in the water or underwater. Phantoms latest high speed Camera the Phantom  FLEX 4k arrives May 2014 complete with a Dave Kelly Custom Built Water Housing.

One of Ricks strongest attributes is his versatility. His ability to capture images from all Land, Air and Water angles on multiple formats make Rick a front runner within his field.

Rick has progressed into the future world of High Speed Digital Cinematography and 3D. Working with the latest High Speed Digital Cameras, completing a 3D Stereographer’s course in Munich, Germany and updating his equipment inventory with the latest 3D Camera Rigs, Custom built 3D Water Housings and 3D Nano Flash recording systems for top end Productions. Rick has also completed the advanced RED EPIC course in Hollywood the U.S.A qualifying him as a RED operator and technician.