Rick Rifici completed a Stereography 3D workshop in Munich, Germany 2010 with World renowned Alaric Hamacher a stereographer with 10 years experience in 3D Stereo productions.

The Course looked  into all aspects of the stereo 3D production workflow with a main focus on stereo acquisition and stereography.

Since completing his 3D course Rick has worked on the LIVE 3D Television Broadcast of the 2010 AFL GrandFinal for the Seven Network, The Electronic 3D Field Production for the 2011 Red Bull International BMX Dirt Pipe and 2011 Hawaii Season of Surfing. He is currently working on Storm Surfers 3D a four part TV series to premier throughout the globe on 3D Networks and Cinema Screens.

Rick’s 3D equipment inventory consists of a Ron Ford Baker side by side rig, a C-Motion 3D kit, 3D Nano Flash System and two 3D Water housings. The side by side rig enables you to mount any 2 Camera’s side by side and utilising the additional support plates also allows lenses from 200mm to 600mm to be used. The C-Motion kit is a remote system that will drive 2 lenses simultaneously by using 4 wireless remote controls .  The 3D Nano Flash System allows high quality recording up to 180 mega bits per second simultaneously recording via SD input/output.  The 3D ‘Dave Kelly’ Water housings have been custom built for the Panasonic AG-3DA1 and the 3D Nano Flash System.